Paper Panda Chris

Paper Panda Chris, we knew him well.

Paper Panda Chris is a paper man, constantly subjected to horrifying abuse by the man child bullies of Geek Fights. Unfortunately, the last we saw of him, he was folded and jammed into the pocket of Mike Ortiz, and subsequently washed. The outcome was soggy and sad.

Geek CredEdit

Has appeared with many famous geek celebrities, such as a real ghost buster, Paul Storrie, Penny from Inspector Gadget, Voltron, Sean Astin, Captain America, Shia LaBeouf, Xander from Buffy, Boba Fett in his bathrobe, and C3P0.

Other ProjectsEdit

Starred in many Vine videos at C2E2 2013, some can be found on YouTube.

Also partook in many professional and tasteful photo shoots at C2E2 2012. You can look for these on any search engine, but Geek Fights™ is not liable for any inappropriate or scandalous images one may come across in such queries.