Mike is the Co-host of Geekfights.

Geek CredEdit

Mike is a long time comic book geek with a healthy dose of star wars/
star trek/sci-fi thrown in. He has worked at 4 comic book stores, 2 small
press comic book publishers, 2 movie theatres, and currently works as
Creative Director for Anchor Bay Entertainment where he has designed
DVD covers for such geeky projects as the Walking Dead, Dawn of the
Dead, Evil Dead, Hellboy Animated, The Greatest American Hero, The
Masters of Horror, Near Dark, Free Enterprise, Supergirl, Return to the
Batcave, and more. He is also evil and likes licking toads

Other ProjectsEdit

Zod Complex podcast (defunct)

The WeeknGeek video show on youtube:

Trying to figure out how to make money from Geek Fights