Big barda

Recorded at C2E2. Seriously this is not a good idea for a drinking game.

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Show NotesEdit

Ok, we didn't learn our lesson last year. Here is this year's C2E2 episode recorded with everyone in the same room. It's drunker, it's more chaotic, but it sounds waaaaay better. It's amazing how good real microphones sound compared to a built in speaker on a laptop. Seriously, go back and listen to last years episode. We're always striving to bring you the best even when drunk. Join Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Allen, Brian Townsend, Tess Craft, Kathy Lehman and
Joe Cain as the do the BEST FEMALE SUPERHERO. There's lots of arguing and lots of talking over each other.
We had a good time doing it, but I'm not promising you'll have a good time listening.