Merry Life Day!

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T'was the night before Xmas and all thru the Geek Fights, Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Allen, Tess Craft, and Kathy Lehman were fighting on this cold winter's night. The topic was Best Holiday Special or Movie, so break out the Geek Logic. It's time to get groovy! Christmas Story, Rudolph, Frosty, or Grinch? Or would Die Hard or Star Wars do in a pinch? Charlie Brown, Hebrew Hammer, or Christmas Vacation? Will Scrooged cancel their Christmas without hesitation? We thank you for listening, it's been a delight. So Happy Holidays to all, keep fighting the Geek Fight.

SWEET! This episode has been REMASTERED with some extras thrown in. But if you're a REAL nerd, you may want to stick to the original. Why? That's for you to say. Both are linked below: