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Best of us!

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Show NotesEdit

They said it couldn't be done. WE said it couldn't be done. It probably shouldn't have been done, but we did it anyway. It's time for our giant-size 100th episode extravaganza! This time up it's another excursion into self indulgence that is BEST OF GEEK FIGHTS! Damon Shaw and Mike Ortiz are here as always, but to do this epic battle they have assembled an army of Geek Fighters! First up, Rob Alden, Janet Nowell, Chuck Farrell, Aj Sinke, Michael Felsher, Karin, Jerad Formby, Allen, Chris Mitchell, Brian Townsend, Jason Grade, Anthony Valenta, Josh VanValkenberg, Jason Thompson, Mike Patanjo, Kirky Wade, Mike Diskin, Greg Blanchard, Tim Nowell, Teras Cassidy, Christy Wooke, Greg Trahan, Barry Ingram, Amin Amat, Maria Cuba, Jerod Batte, Paul Kowalski, Jill Valuet, Gary Tognetti, Melvin Ladera, Kathy Lehman, Joe Cain, Tess Craft, Dominic Williams, Leo Perez, Josh Bradley, Chris Wood, Charity Wood, Crazy Joe and John Champion start us off with 64 of the winners of previous shows, then Damon and Mike are joined by the panel from the very first episode, Pete Lucas, Dave Gill and Juan Patino to finish it up and bring you the top of the top. Who will take it all? Who cares! We all just want to hear crazy logic, childhood ramblings, ferocious spite, angry rants and inappropriate comments. And we get them, just like we have 99 times before!

Thank you all for letting us do this!